PEPPOL Directory - Use this Tool to Search who's on Peppol

Want to know if your customers are connected to the Peppol network? Simply use the Peppol Directory Search Box below.

Simply enter the name or identifier of the company (VAT / KvK / SIRET / OIN / CF / other) and click on 'Search'.

If the company is registered on Peppol, it will immediately appear in the listed results (including Peppol ID).

Find your customer on Peppol:

(Enter the company name or Peppol identifier)

What is the PEPPOL Directory?

The PEPPOL Directory, otherwise known as the “Yellow Pages” of PEPPOL (officially available here), is a free-to-browse open Source service that allows participants to search which companies are connected to Peppol.

Built and operated on behalf of OpenPEPPOL, the directory makes it easy to figure out if certain customers are already connected to this network.

If so, the Peppol Directory immediately show the Peppol ID of the concerning party, allowing participants to send e-invoices to the correct identification number.

Screenshot of the Storecove Peppol Directory Search Box

Too often we hear companies proclaim their uncertainties regarding the number of participants connected to the network.

Are my customers connected? Will the Peppol network be of value to my business? How much time and money will I save?

The first question can easily and quickly be answered with Storecove's Peppol Directory Search Box. As mentioned above, you can simply search your customers using the search box.

The short answer to the second question is always yes. Especially if your company has high invoice volumes with a relatively long invoice process that spreads over several departments.

However, if you are unsure whether or not the Peppol network will provide enough value to your business, feel free to contact us by chat or phone +31 (0) 20 261 1791.

Connected users that can easily find each other with the Peppol Directory Search Box

Connected to Peppol, but not listed?

Is your own company connected to the Peppol network but not listed in the official directory? In that case, we recommend contacting the Peppol Access Point Provider you're connected to.

Your access point might need to make a small technical update to allow the Peppol Directory to access your basic client data, such as your company name, your Peppol Endpoint ID, or your country, to make it correctly available for indexing.

It's also important to keep in mind that OpenPEPPOL is not responsible for the data published in the directory. The information is automatically collected and indexed from several PEPPOL SMPs.

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