How to send e-invoices to governments and ministries?

Need to send e-invoices to governments, but don't know where to start? You're not alone. Many companies seem to struggle with the recently established Directive (2014/55 / EU) that states that all contracting authorities must receive and process electronic invoices.

This means that, as of 2019, all government suppliers are obligated to send e-invoices to public entities.

But what do you need? And where to start? We've noticed many struggles within this process. That's why we've dedicated an article to explain this process.

Follow the easy steps below to send your first e-invoice to a government and/or ministry.

1. Connecting to a Peppol Access Point

The international Peppol network is an essential component of this mandatory e-invoicing Directive. Why? Because the Peppol network allows organizations to safely exchange business documents, by using unique identification numbers that enable automatic recognition.

This exchange method is extremely similar to communicating by phone or e-mail, where both parties possess unique IDs to be identified.

Due to Peppol's safety, the European Commission decided that all electronic invoices to government agencies and ministries must be sent over this network.

That's why the first step of the e-invoicing process includes connecting your business to a Certified Peppol Access Point.

There are over 200 Peppol Access Point worldwide. Click here for a full list of all access points.  

How to send e-invoices peppol network to government and ministries

2. Gathering the necessities

In order to send e-invoices to (international) governments you must possess the following:

  • A validated Peppol ID (you can request one at a Peppol Access Point);
  • An e-invoice (any format). Most online bookkeeping systems allow you to create e-invoices inside their system. Aside from that, there are several tools available that allow you to create an e-invoice for free.

3. Sending your e-invoice to PEPPOL

The methods of delivering e-invoices to government agencies completely depend on the access point that you're connected to.

Below we will illustrate the steps of sending an e-invoice with access point Storecove. Follow these easy steps, and you’ll be ready to send within 1 day.

How to send e-invoices with Storecove

1. Register as a company

2. Fill in your company details to request a Peppol ID. This ID is necessary to send and receive e-invoices to international governments and companies.

Creating a Peppol ID to connect to Peppol within 1 day

3. Create a Storecove e-mail address to send e-invoices. Below the form, you will see 'How will Storecove receive the invoices you want us to send to your client?' Select Through E-mails to, and click on the ‘+Add’ button to create your Storecove e-mail address. You will need this e-mail address later.  You can name the e-mail address however you want, as long as it ends with

4. You are now ready to send your first e-invoice! Simply do so by sending the e-invoice to your Storecove e-mail address. We will then send the e-invoice to the identifiers described in the electronic invoice (VAT, Peppol ID, OIN et cetera).

Is the invoice receiver not a Peppol user? No problem, we will then send the e-invoice to the company e-mail address mentioned in the invoice.

Where to send the e-invoice to?

Suppose you want to send an e-invoice to Chamber of Commerce number '38291107’ and your Storecove email address is, you will then send your e-invoice to the following e-mail address:

Make sure that the Chamber of Commerce number '38291107' is included in the e-invoice. You can do so under the AccountingCustomerParty section. We will then deliver the e-invoice to the recipient over the Peppol e-invoicing network.

Send your first e-invoice to a government agency

Want to send your e-invoice to an (international) government? You can test it directly with a free test invoice.

As a Peppol access point, we connect companies to the Peppol network. Once connected you can easily send e-invoices to companies and governments about the
whole world.

Many large companies already use our platform, such as Sligro, Vattenfall, Autogrill, Deltares, AnyLamp, Eneco and Albert Heijn.

Send your first e-invoice

Want more information about sending e-invoices with Peppol? Or are you a large enterprise that wants to automatize the invoicing process?  

Schedule a free video call with one of our e-invoicing experts.

More information about sending e-invoices to governments?

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