What is a Peppol Access Point?

In this article we will answer the following questions:

  1. What is a Peppol Access Point?
  2. What is a Peppol ID?
  3. How do I send e-invoices with a Peppol access point provider?
  4. How can I connect to a Peppol access point?
  5. Becoming a Peppol Access Point yourself

What is a Peppol Access Point?

A Peppol Access Point is an organization that connects companies to the international Peppol network. In order to do so, a Peppol access has the ability to grant so-called Peppol IDs to its users. Users can use these unique ID's to access the international e-invoicing network, called the Peppol Network.

This entire process of connecting the user to the e-invoicing network is similar to the method of a phone company connecting its users to the telephone network.

After the Peppol ID has been validated (usually within one day), the company can safely send e-invoices to all other Peppol users, including international companies and governments, which, in most European countries, is mandatory as of 2019.

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What is a Peppol ID?

A Peppol ID is a unique number that gives access to the Peppol e-invoicing network. With this network, companies can safely send e-invoices to companies and governments worldwide.

Parties can recognize each other automatically thanks to their unique ID numbers, similar to the unique digits and saved information (like a first name) of a phone number.

This means that - for the world of invoicing - there will no longer be misunderstandings regarding the identity of the invoice senders and receivers. Because of this, ghost invoices and typing errors will no longer be possible.

You can create your own Peppol ID by registering here.

A Peppol ID consists of a unique ID number, such as:

  • A VAT-number
  • A Chamber of Commerce number
  • A government ID number

Example Peppol ID: BE:VAT:12345678

How do I send e-invoices with a Peppol access point provider?

The exact method regarding how to send e-invoices to other Peppol users completely depends on the access point you're connected to.

However, there are some general things to take into account beforehand:

  1. It's important that you're able to create e-invoices (UBL invoices, not a PDF). With most bookkeeping software, you can easily do so inside the software. Is your bookkeeping software unable to create UBL invoices? Some Peppol Access Points, such as Storecove, can help you convert your invoice data to UBL.

  2. To send e-invoices over the international Peppol network, you must request a Peppol ID (for example: see image above).

  3. After you've entered your company information, you must wait for the validation of your Peppol ID. This approximately takes one day.

  4. After validation, you can choose the type of connection between your bookkeeping software and the access point. You can choose between SPF secure e-mail connection (for sending companies), delivery by SFTP, or via the API link (for software packages).

  5. Did you follow all the steps mentioned above? Congratulations. You can now send e-invoices with the Peppol network!

How can I connect to a Peppol access point?

To be able to send e-invoices via the international e-invoicing network, you must first connect to a Peppol Access Point Provider.

Following the 'connect one, connect to all' principle, you can reach all Peppol users worldwide, regardless of which access point the other user is connected to.

There are around 200 access points available, including Storecove. Click here for a complete list of all Peppol Access Points.

Becoming a Peppol Access Point yourself

Are you a software provider who wants to become an access point yourself? You can easily connect your software / SaaS service to the Peppol network, using the Storecove Access Point API.

This allows you to provide Peppol IDs to your own customers. In addition, your customers can send and receive e-invoices from within your own software environment.

You can read more in our following guide: 'How to become a Peppol Access Point?'

Want more information about the Peppol API? Or do you need help with the API implementation process? Schedule a demo with one of our e-invoicing experts.

More information about PEPPOL Access Point?

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