How to register on Peppol?

The Peppol network is an extremely safe network built specifically for the exchange of business documents between companies and governments (or companies to companies).

The network was established as a test project by the European Commission in 2008, but is now fully launched and rapidly increasing in popularity.

How do I register to Peppol?

To join the network you have to create a Peppol ID first. Be aware that it's not possible to register at Peppol directly. You'll have to register at a Peppol access point (similar to accessing the telecommunications network which can also not be accessed directly).

Following the 'connect once, connect to all' principle, you can, after registration, reach all Peppol users worldwide, regardless of which access point the other user is connected to.

Follow these easy steps to join Peppol:

The exact method of how to send e-invoices to other Peppol users completely depends on the access point you're connected to. In this guide, we'll describe Storecove's method.

  1. First, you must be able to create e-invoices (not a PDF file). Most bookkeeping software already possesses this feature.
  2. To send e-invoices over the international Peppol network, you have to activate your Peppol ID. You can do so by registering at a Peppol access point
  3. After you've entered your company information (which is necessary for creating the ID), you must wait for validation. This approximately takes one day.
  4. After validation, you can choose the type of connection between your bookkeeping software and the access point. For example: with Storecove you can choose between SPF secure e-mail connection (for sending companies), delivery by SFTP, or via API link (for software packages).

Did you follow all the steps mentioned above? Congratulations! You can now send e-invoices over the Peppol network.

Does your (international) company or ERP system need help with setting up PEPPOL? You can also schedule a free demo with one of our e-invoicing experts.

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Why register to Peppol?

Many companies and governments are now safely exchanging e-invoicing documents on the network.

Due to its safety, an increasing amount of governments and public entities are requesting (and even obligating) their suppliers to solely send their invoices through Peppol, as mentioned  in 'EU Directive 2014/55/EU', which states that:

  1. Contracting authorities and entities are required to be e-invoice ready by the latest of April 18, 2019.
  2. Sub-central contracting authorities and entities may be granted an extended deadline of April 18, 2020, if such optional deadline extensions have been exercised by the Member State.

Becoming a Peppol Access Point yourself

Do you work at a software company and are you interested in becoming an access point yourself? You can easily connect your software / SaaS service to the Peppol network.

Being a Peppol access point allows your customers to send and receive e-invoices from within your own software. You can easily connect your software to the Peppol network using this Access Point API.

Connect PEPPOL to my software

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More information about how to register to Peppol?

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