The POOL TSPs project - What is it and why?

Storecove participates in POOL TSPs, a project that aims to upgrades 10 e-invoicing solutions (certified PEPPOL Acess Points) to comply with the new European Standard on electronic invoice.

As a Peppol access point we see great value in this. Not only will e-invoicing generate a higher efficiency for clients of service providers, it will also highly improve the invoicing processing worldwide.

E-invoicing has several benefits for all public and private parties:

  • Reduction of processing costs and time;
  • Reduction of storage costs;
  • Reduction of printing and postage costs,
  • Better message tracking.

Why the POOL TSPs project?

Back in 2014, the European Parliament and Council voted for the mandatory adoption of e-invoicing for all contracting authorities and their suppliers (Directive 2014/55/EU).

This means that, as of April 18th 2019, it becomes mandatory for European public institutions to receive and process e-invoices by the European standard.

All member states will implement this European standard. Suppliers are not yet obliged to comply, however this will be implemented in the near future.

What is the POOL TSPs project

The POOL-TSPs  project is developed and presented by LMT Group in collaboration with the Universitat de València. The project is co-financed by the European Commission through its e-invoicing call from the 2017 CEF Telecom Call – eInvoicing (CEF-TC-2017-3).

The aim of the Action is to support the EDI providers from European countries (Belgium, Ireland, Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, Italy and Spain) to meet the European Standard on electronic invoicing for cross-border transactions.

The goal of the POOL TSPs project

The objective of POOL-TSPs Project is to upgrade 10 e-invoicing solutions (certified PEPPOL Acess Points) to comply with the European Standard on electronic invoice.

These 10 PEPPOL Access Points will be adapted, tested and validated in order to enable the use of the EN corresponding syntaxes when exchanging invoices via the Access Points in compliance with the AS4 eSENS profile.

The POOL TPS European Peppol Project

More information about e-invoicing?

Contact us! You can call us from +31 (0) 20 261 1791, send an e-mail to, or start a chat here.

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