Storecove participates in eDelivery project UP-Access

Storecove participates in UP-Access, a project funded and supported by the European Union. This project aims to upgrade the current eDelivery solution and speed up the use of the digital service infrastructure within the public sector.

As a Peppol access point we see great value in upgrading the digital service infrastructure. Not only will it generate a higher efficiency for clients of bookkeeping providers, it will also highly improve the invoicing processing worldwide.

Why the UP-Acess project?

Back in 2014, the European Parliament and Council voted for the mandatory adoption of e-invoicing for all contracting authorities and their suppliers (Directive 2014/55/EU).

This means that, as of April 18th 2019, receiving and processing e-invoices by the European standard becomes mandatory for European public institutions.

The standardization of e-invoicing is a key factor of trade policy.  It contributes to the removal of technical barriers to (international) trade, increasing market access, and enhancing cooperation at the international level. Therefore, the use of this European standard helps European indudstry to access global markets.

All member states will implement this European standard. Suppliers are not yet obliged to comply, however this will be implemented in the near future.

What is UP-Access?

UP-Access is an e-Delivery project coordinated by the Universitat de Valencia (UVEG) from Spain. A total of 6 companies - including 4 Peppol access points -participate in this project.

It is funded by the European Union and focusses on upgrading the current eDelivery solution and speeding up the use of digital service infrastructure in the public sector.

The goal of the UP-Access project

The goal of this project is to upgrade the current eDelivery service - EDI providers which are certified PEPPOL Access Points - to comply with the European standard.

The main priority is to speed up the use of the digital service infrastructure, among both public and private entities that are established in the European countries.

We do this by the following two activities:

  • Migrating the AS2 to AS4 protocol, a mandatory procedure defined by the non-profit association called OpenPEPPOL
  • Upgrading the Service Metadata Publishers (SMP) of the PEPPOL Access Points.

The E-Delivery Peppol UP-Access Project

More information about e-invoicing?

Contact us! You can call us from +31 (0) 20 261 1791, send an e-mail to, or start a chat here.

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