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Introducing Global Identifiers on the U.S. E-invoicing Network

The U.S. Open Exchange Network (DBNAlliance) introduced a groundbreaking initiative: standardized company identifiers per country. With the implementation of these identifiers, companies across the globe now have the capability to send and receive e-invoices upon establishing connectivity to a DBNAlliance access point.

This webinar is particularly valuable for companies with customers, suppliers, and subsidiaries based in the United States. However, it also holds significance for any company seeking to leverage an advanced open exchange network, regardless of their location.

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How to Comply with Malaysia's E-invoicing Regulations

Does your company need to comply with Malaysia its reporting regulations? Or do you have customers that request Malaysian e-invoicing features? Prepare your business or software for the upcoming LHDN reporting regulations, effective from August 1, 2024, for companies with a turnover exceeding 100 million MYR. 

Watch this 45-minute session with Suthakaraon Aaron, Founder Despaq and Malaysia e-invoicing consultant, and Dolf Kars, CEO of Storecove.

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