E-invoicing in Italy

In Italy, it's mandatory for all sales invoices (B2B, B2G, B2C, and cross-border) to go through an approval process via the local tax authority, kown as SDI. Only upon approval can an e-invoice be transmitted to the buyer. Failure to comply can lead to severe penalties for both local and foreign companies.

Do you have customers that need to exchange compliant e-invoices in Italy? Our e-invoicing API takes care of the following matters:

  • Validate customer-submitted sales invoices, ensuring they comply with Italy SDI's legal requirements.
  • Forward approved invoices to the Italy SDI for further processing.
  • Validate received invoices to ensure their compliance with Italy SDI’s legal requirements. 
  • Offer secure storage and archiving services to ensure compliance with the 10-year retention regulations.

How it works

E-invoicing is now required for every resident or non-resident B2B VAT business in Italy. All invoices must be prepared, signed and transferred through electronic means via SDI.

There are three simple steps to delivering perfectly compliant e-invoices to your client and the Italian tax authority.

  1. Send your e-invoices/electronic documents to Storecove.
  2. The API automatically generates the required format and ensures compliance.
  3. Your e-invoices and documents will be sent to the Italian tax authority (SDI).
  4. After validation from SDI, e-invoices and documents will be sent to your customer. 

Request our full 'E-invoicing in Italy' guide for more information on how to send and receive compliant e-invoices in Italy (you will receive the document once we approve your request). 

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