How xSuite enabled global e-invoicing functionalities with PEPPOL

"In October, 2021, xSuite Group, an SAP Accounts Payable Solution, entered into a technological partnership with Storecove. Through the partnership, xSuite Group now provides its customers with access to the PEPPOL network, the e-invoice transmission channel of the future:

There has been a clear trend towards e-invoicing for several years now. Initiatives and models vary from country to country. However, we believe that PEPPOL will become the predominant international standard in the mid-term, and that is why we have decided in its favor.

It was particularly important to us to have a partner who works with more than just one specific format in one specific country. Our customers work globally, so we wanted a partner who could serve PEPPOL globally."

Why xSuite uses Storecove as its global PEPPOL solution

"Two points convinced us. Firstly, the international focus; Storecove's offering is not just geared to Europe or Asia but addresses the entire global market.

Secondly, the format conversions that Storecove offers – the different national e-invoice formats are one of the biggest hurdles in e-invoicing.

We were won over by the international focus in combination with practical experience and references. In addition, the cooperation with Storecove is quite straightforward."

What would you say to companies that are still in doubt?

"There is currently a lot of movement around the topic of e-invoicing. Legislation is being expanded in many countries, and formats are being adapted and consolidated. At the same time, the use of e-invoices is continuously increasing. Keeping up to date with all formats for all countries is a challenge, and in Storecove we have found the ideal partner for this.

In the medium term, e-invoicing will prevail, and it looks very much as if this will happen on the basis of PEPPOL. It’s pretty simple: If you switch over now rather than waiting, you’ll reap the benefits faster."