How Storecove helped Marlink with global compliance features

Many companies suddenly have to comply with new e-invoicing regulations when sending an electronic invoice to a foreign company or governmental institution. This whole new process requires a lot of research on the regulations per country and / or tax authority requirements. This has proven to be quite difficult for companies, mainly due to the shortage of ‘connect once, connect to all’ solutions. 

Marlink, a leading provider of smart network solutions (satellite communications, terrestrial telecoms and digital solutions) was in need of such a global compliance solution to serve their Norwegian, French and German customers. 

Storecove has been able to successfully support Marlink regarding their international requests, such as the format conversion for Norwegian customers (EHF format), the integration and mapping with Chorus Pro (the French e-invoicing platform), and soon also the German e-invoice format (ZUGfERD).

"Storecove delivers on its promises and provides excellent support."

"After serving our Norwegian customers with their e-invoicing needs (EHF format), we were facing obstacles with our previous e-Invoicing supplier to get ready to serve the needs of our French government customers (Chorus Pro) in terms of e-Invoicing.

Storecove has been able to successfully support us to deliver Chorus Pro format to our French government customers a few weeks after we started working on the integration of Chorus Pro with them.

Some specific fields needed to be addressed in our UBL file after which Storecove has worked on the correct mapping to Chorus Pro like a SIRET code / Engagement number and Service. Now we have also migrated the Norwegian customer base over to Storecove and will later in the year prepare for the German e-Invoicing format with Storecove.

The foremost thing to mention based on our experience with Storecove is that the companies delivers what it promises and provides excellent support."