Digital Business Networks Alliance (USA)

The Digital Business Network Alliance (DBNAlliance) is an open exchange network to safely exchange e-invoices and other supply chain documents. Similar to the PEPPOL network in Europe, the framework streamlines the B2B e-invoicing system of the United States.

Once connected, you can reach all participants and all participants can reach you. And, thanks to the DBNA and PEPPOL-compatibility, including all the European businesses that are connected to PEPPOL. 

API Connection

Connecting to DBNAlliance and other networks

  1. First off, connecting with the Storecove API means that you will be connected to all DBNAlliance participants.
  2. Secondly, you will also automatically connect to the PEPPOL network (Europe, Singapore, Australia, Japan and New Zealand) and other global e-invoicing networks, which activates an instant global connectivity.
  3. Lastly, you will be able to send and receive e-invoices (and orders) in the right format, which immediately makes your business compliant with local tax authorities.

If you wish to connect your business or software to DBNAlliance, you can build a simple integration with our RESTful API. Click here to test the API in Sandbox mode. 


DBNA Access Point

The goal of the DBNA is to make sure that all financial packages interconnect on a data level. Sending electronic invoices will then become just as simple as sending Whatsapp messages.

Within seconds the invoices will be delivered as a booking proposal in the ERP system of the receiver, resulting in a secure transport, no manual processing and an immediate delivery to and from the validated business partners.

The DBNA network uses access points to exchange electronic business documents. Once connected you can reach all participants and all participants can reach you. Storecove is an experienced access point and we can help you with setting up your (global) e-invoicing process. 

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