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On this page you will learn more on e-invoicing in Finland. Understand the compliance requirements and discover the country its e-invoicing model, network and infrastructure.


2010: B2G (Business-to-Government) e-invoicing became mandatory in Finland.

April 2019: Directive 2014/55/EU transposed: all public entities must be able to receive and process electronic invoices in accordance with the European Standard on e-invoicing (EN-16931).

April 2020: Public administrations and private companies may require electronic invoices from Finnish suppliers, meaning that the Finnish invoice recipient can reject electronic invoices that do not comply with the European standard.

April 2021: Economic operators and service providers have the obligation to exchange, validate and process e-invoices aligned on the European standard on eInvoicing.


Finvoice 3.0, TEAPPSXML 3.0, EN compatible

Mandatory to send?

  • B2G: Yes
  • B2B: No


PEPPOL, Finvoice

Mandatory to Receive?

  • B2G: Yes
  • B2B: No

(Tax) Authority

State Treasury


Not required

CTC Model


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