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The Definitive PEPPOL Guide

The PEPPOL Network is an innovative delivery system for electronic documents to be sent instantly, securely, and efficiently in B2B or B2G relationships. But what are the benefits of using PEPPOL? How to gain access? And which countries are already using the network? Download our free whitepaper for more information.

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E-invoicing Compliance Guide

Although e-invoicing has been around for a while, the implementation of e-invoicing is relatively recent, with policy and legislative changes being introduced within the last few years. In this paper we shall be going into more depth as regards to the current e-invoicing regulations of 20 different countries, and how you can comply with the regulations. 

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4 Valuable Advantages of Connecting Your ERP to PEPPOL

Do you wish to enable e-invoicing in your software? You can easily do so by connecting your software to the Peppol e-invoicing network. But why should you do this in the first place? In this whitepaper you will discover the 4 reasons why it is incredibly beneficial to connect your ERP to Peppol. 

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