E-invoicing in India

Connect your software to the IRP e-invoicing portal and comply with B2B e-invoicing regulations in India. Our API will make sure that e-invoices are sent to the receiver in a compliant way (including GSTN signed QR codes). Schedule a demo to get started.


API Integration for IRP

This API integration allows for large global suppliers and (ERP) accounting software providers to interact with the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) through their own software. 

Using Storecove’s e-invoicing solution, you’ll experience increased invoicing efficiency and compliance in a single connection. Simply connect by API and your e-invoices will be sent to the IRP and the receiver in a compliant way (including GSTN signed QR codes). 


What is the IRP E-invoicing Platform?

The India IRP (Invoice Registration Portal) is a platform for businesses in India to register and validate their invoices. It is a component of the Indian Goods and Services Tax (GST) system, which is aimed at simplifying the indirect tax regime in India and creating a seamless experience for businesses.

The IRP serves as a central repository for all invoices generated in India, and it enables businesses to create, store, and transmit invoices electronically. The invoices registered on the IRP are automatically linked to the GST returns filed by businesses, ensuring that the GST credit claimed is accurate and up-to-date. The use of the IRP helps businesses to reduce errors and ensure compliance with the GST regulations, and it also provides a secure and efficient way to manage invoices.

Compliance is mandatory for all companies with an annual turnover of over ₹50 crores, with fines for non-compliance ranging from ₹10000 to ₹25000.


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