Send from anywhere to anywhere. When connected to our API, you will be able to send compliant e-invoices on a global scale. This means you don't have to worry about the different formats per region. Discover how we can help. 

Global Connectivity

Sending e-invoices to other countries

There are multiple things to take into account when sending an e-invoice across borders, such as formats, networks and tax authorities. However, if you're an international company, this process can be incredibly complex and time intensive. That's why we built a solution that takes care of these cross-legal territory challenges, such as incompatible tax types and payment means.

You give us the data, JSON or UBL ingested in API, we generate the local syntax and send. Alternatively we can also digest different data formats via e-mail, like UBL, CII, SAP iDoc and JSON. 

Always reachable

Receiving invoices from global suppliers

As e-invoices are directly sent into bookkeeping systems and generated as a booking proposal, receiving e-invoices (instead of paper or PDF invoices) can have a tremendous impact on the administrative processes of your business. That's why we built a simple yet reliable solution that allows you to receive e-invoices from global suppliers. We make sure that the local syntax is parsed into a standard JSON object, and that you can retrieve and store the original document.