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On this page you will learn more on e-invoicing in Belgium. Understand the compliance requirements and discover the country its e-invoicing model, network and infrastructure.


  • January 2015: Flemish public bodies are required to process incoming e-invoices.
  • January 2017: Suppliers of Flemish public bodies are required to issue e-invoices.
  • January 2018: Suppliers of public bodies required to send e-invoices for transactions over Є135.000.
  • April 2019: All public and regional bodies must be able to process e-invoices.
  • January 2020: All suppliers of public and regional bodies are required to send electronic invoices.

Upcoming deadlines:

  • July 2024: Taxpayers are required to validate electronic B2B invoices to the tax authority (still in development).


Peppol BIS V3

Mandatory to send?

  • B2G: Economic operators of Regional government of Flanders and regionalgovernment of Brussels
  • B2B: No


PEPPOL, Mercurius

Mandatory to Receive?

  • B2G: Central,regional and local contacting authorities and entities.
  • B2B: No

(Tax) Authority

Federal Public Service Policy and Support (BOSA)



CTC Model


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Yes (Peppol, Mercurius & E-mail e-invoices)