Connect to the
Peppol network

  • Safely send e-invoices to companies and governments.

  • Global connectivity (view map)

  • Connect with API, SFTP or secure email.

How does it work for


  • 1Register with Storecove
  • 2Request a Peppol ID.
  • 3After validation, you can both send and receive e-invoices.

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How does it work for

Government Organizations?

  • 1Register with Storecove
  • 2Request a Peppol ID.
  • 3After validation, you can both send and receive e-invoices.

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"How does a sender know I have joined the Peppol network?"

After joining, companies can send e-invoices via Peppol to you. But how do they know that I joined?

An example

A supplier will send invoices via Peppol.

At the moment he wants to send you an invoice, Storecove will check (based on Peppol such as VAT number) whether you are connected to the Peppol network.

If so, the invoice is delivered via Peppol. If not, the invoice will be delivered the 'old' way such as email (but with electronic attachment).

Start now as

why change
to e-invoicing:

  • Safely send invoices to Peppol connected companies and public entities.
  • Your customers will pay their invoices 16 days faster on average.
  • No typos which leads to lower support costs.
  • Happy customers due to increased efficiency.

How can I send e-invoices 
through Storecove?

The switch to e-invoicing seems large, but that is not the case. Companies are connected in one day and through the efficiency increase save time and money immediately. We offer connections to EDI, Navision, SAP, Ariba and others.

Want to read more on how the send and receive e-invoices with Storecove?

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What do you need to send

  • An email address

  • An accounting package that creates UBL (or another electronic format) invoices.

  • A Storecove account. Because we are connected to the Peppol network through our access point, you can send and receive invoices to for instance VAT identifiers.

  • A Peppol ID: You need this to send and receive e-invoices. It is like a phonenumber for invoices. This ID is provided by Storecove and, depending on the country, will often be your VAT or Chambre of Commerce number.

"Where do I send the e-invoice?"

First you become a sender with Storecove. Next, you can send your sales invoice to your own Storecove email address. You can find this here: Send > Connections >

We send the invoice to the identifiers in the electronic invoice. If the receiver is not connected to the Peppol network, we will send the invoice to the email address in the e-invoice.

An example

Say you want to send an invoice to a Dutch company with Chambre of Commerce number '38291107' and your storecove send email address is, then you send the invoice to the follwing email address:

Please ensure that the Chambre of Commererce number is in the UBL under the AccountingCustomerParty section.

We will then deliver the invoice via the Peppol network.

Send and receive invoices via Peppol

Easy to integrate with your software through our RESTful API with OpenAPI 2.0 specification, sandbox mode for test and development and clear API documentation.

How can I send
e-invoices via Storecove?

In this blog article you can read how to easly send e-invoices via the API. You can be live in 1 day!!

Here you can find the up-to-date documentation

How can I receive
e-invoices via Storecove?

Also about receiving we have a blog article.