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  • I have a


    and with Storecove:
    • I can send e-invoices to Peppol connected companies and public entities

    • My invoices are, on average, paid 16 days earlier

    • I no longer need to process my purchase invoices

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  • I am a


    and with Storecove:
    • I connect my software package to the European Peppol invoicing network

    • My clients can send and receive invoices in my own software package

    • I can issue Peppol identifiers to my clients

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  • I am a


    and with Storecove:
    • I immediately comply with local law to be able to receive electronic invoices via Peppol

    • I can receive Peppol invoices in my financial software, via API or simply via email

    • I can connect to Peppol within a single day

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